What Motivation Fitness L.L.C. dba Studio 360 has to offer

                                                                      Education : 9 year degree  N.F.P. T. Certification also 20 years of experience of Life changes - Misty Determination
                                                                                                              Personal and Group training  Workouts 
                                                                                                                               This is not a Gym 
                                                                     If you are looking for a facility to do cycling classes with bikes (Real Ryder) that tilt and move to feel like a ride outside and burn more then the regular Spin class itself  then check out the Schedule to join in . Or If you are looking for just toning and strength sessions with a trainer  to treat you like a person and talk about a stronger mind set and goals and someone to push you , but also walk along side of you and your goals then make an appointment for a consultation with Misty to get started . If you feel scared and discouraged on taking a step toward a stronger healthier life style then take a step forward and fight for a better you ! Change your life and lean on health and fitness it will make a difference ! I can only say it cause I have been through it .
Mistys Testimony will be coming soon If she did not lean on the Higher Power and Fitness and the Good People who helped her get on the better Road she would not be who she is today .                 I can help I have batteled being Overwieght , Anorexia , Addictions of Substances of this world ,and  abusive Relationships . The battle is putting the positive Energy in and letting go of the negative energy . We all have it in us we just need  the rite connections  to help also to be ready to recieve it ! 
                                                                                                                                 Winter Schedule Starting January 12th 
                                                                                                  Sign up or Walk in do just a class , or buy a package or Punch Card
 Set up Appointment for a consultation or 1on 1 training with Misty determination or  Studio 360 with a personal message or text me #1906- 396-3420 or Email motivationfitness@gmail.com 

                                                                                                                                                          Pricing :
Consultation $25 includes N.F.P.T. Personal Trainers health tips on diet and also Mistys Personal plan to fight back for the truest and strongest you !
                                                                                                                                                    Personal Training 1 on 1 sessions 
                                                                                                                           $20 for 30 minutes / $30 for 40 minutes/ $40 for 60 minutes  Can split this cost with friends !

Studio 360 Motivation | Iron Mountain, Mi | 906.396.3420