What Motivation Fitness L.L.C. dba Studio 360 has to offer

                                                                                                         Personal and Group training  Workouts 
                                                                                                         Split Endz Hair Salon , along with body waxing
                                                                                                          LUV Pedicures Manicures 

Hi!   My name is Misty Pelletier, NFPT Certified Personal Trainer.   My passion and career as a trainer stems from my childhood.  Growing up, I was an overweight child who struggled with weightloss and exercise.  I had experienced this for too many years, so at the age of 13 I made a decision and worked very hard to lose over 60 pounds on my own.  In doing so, I discovered a new motivation.  I am now a 33 year old mother of two feeling stronger, healthier, and more confident than I ever have.  I do know what it takes and strive to motivate people to lose their unwanted weight and inches, and gain strenghth and self-confidence. 

My new found motivation led me to becoming a certified trainer, so I could help others with their fitness goals and feel as good as I did.  I began training my clients in my home.  With a growing clientele, I needed to expand, so I took my business to the Encore Center in Florence, WI.  In March of 2008,  I opened Studi0 360 in Iron Mountain, MI. up in a 1,000 square foot building and grew out of that spot , then moved into my building 531 South Stephenson Ave. Iron Mountain to be able to accommodate the ever-growing desire/need for personal training. I have motivation to keep this world fit and healthy with making relationships along the way.  When I see people reach their goals, that is my reward and the reason for me to train my clients. I know what it is like to have to get there and I will help every step of the way for a healthier, happier lifestyle. 

I absolutely love personal training, therefore, I put my heart into every training session.  I take the time to plan out each and every individual and group workout.  Moreover, I workout with my clients and make sure that they are challenged with every workout and work hard at achieving their goals.  This is not a gym, this is a training studio.  I care about the way you feel and about your comfort level while you are training with me.  The atmosphere is not intimidating.  We spin to fun, upbeat music loud enough not to hear yourself breathing hard, and low lighting . . . oh, and no mirrors!   Working out should be and can be a lot of fun; let us prove that to you.  You will have a relationship at Studi0 360, not just a membership.

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